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We are the best photography training academy in Lagos.
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UKAY Photography Academy (UPA) prides itself as the Best Photography School in Lagos, Nigeria, and our results attest to this fact. Our graduates have been dominating the scene of photography at both local and international levels.

We are driven by the passion to impart knowledge in Photography. Just like Beautiful butterflies start their development from eggs, we also nurture raw talents and develop them into complete photography professionals that can stand shoulder tall anywhere in the world.

At UPA, we look to nurture the creative talent of each and every student. Develop their talent into sound technical skills. Our courses are carefully organized to take you from a beginner to a professional level in the shortest possible time.

We are not just another photography school in Nigeria but one with a difference.

Chances are that you have come across some Photography Schools in the past that promise a lot but deliver so very little. They failed in actualizing your desire to learn photography professionally; Here comes the Good News… We understand the feeling of frustration and dissatisfaction you could be feeling right now. This is absolutely not your fault but the penchants of human nature to prioritize gains over excellence.

This is where UKAY Photography Academy comes into the picture. We are not just another photography school in Nigeria but one with a difference. Having spent years researching what the people really want (their desires) and what they get (service delivered to them). We came to the conclusion that there is need for the touch of excellence in the mode of delivering knowledge that is comparable with the rest of the world.

Due to our international training and exposure, we understand what works in other climes and what has made their work tower above the regular and average, photography output that the supposed photography gurus and academies have churned out.

The standard of operation at the UPA is at the International level and can be compared with the other big Photography Schools across the globe. We can boldly tell you that we are the ONLY Photography School in Nigeria that “modeled the Best in order to give you the very Best”. This is not to brag but we have earned some bragging rights from it. Don’t just take our word for it, you can also double-check yourself if you have time to pay us a visit at the office, we will be glad to have you.

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